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Who is or what is Prelude Nation? well,  where do I begin? Generally speaking, The Prelude Nation is a car community / family each with a specific interest in Honda Preludes. We like to host events, gatherings, fundraisers and everything in between. Due to this common interest it has allowed us to make many friends from all around the world, which is incredible. Our love for these cars is something that is not found anywhere else. We are like one big giant family. Which you probably wouldn't understand if you aren't a part of it. Now, about the merchandise. There is a lot of blood sweat and tears that goes into making the items that you see in our online store. We try our best to keep all our designs unique and designed by us with the exception of collaborations. We also make and ship all our own items, which the exception of some car parts. Quality control is our goal. The only downfall is we are still a small team so sometimes orders can get backed up. At the end of the day we do it for the love of the Honda Prelude, the car group that is usually never shown love to because we are not as common, but I can tell you what. This car community is something special.

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